Friday, October 30, 2009

Shameless self-promotion: "Lawyers and Clients: Critical Issues in Interviewing and Counseling" now published!

I'm very happy to return to this blog with a book announcement -- the result of a lot of hard work by Bob Dinerstein, Isabelle Gunning, Kate Kruse, Ann Shalleck, and me. All of us hope you'll like it!

Lawyers and Clients: Critical Issues in Interviewing and Counseling
Stephen Ellmann, New York Law School
Robert D. Dinerstein, American
Isabelle R. Gunning, Southwestern
Katherine R. Kruse, UNLV
Ann C. Shalleck, American
ISBN 978-0-31423-531-2

Lawyers and Clients: Critical Issues in Interviewing and Counseling will be published in October, is available for spring 2010 classes, and is now available for viewing on West's Law School Exchange. Going beyond the basics of interviewing and counseling, this book examines practical and theoretical challenges lawyers face with clients. Each chapter explores a critical issue in interviewing and counseling, such as developing connection across difference; dealing with atypical clients; using engaged client-centered counseling; bringing narrative theory to bear on lawyer-client encounters; seeking truth; pursuing moral dialogue; discussing law; and understanding how expertise affects practice. The book investigates these issues primarily through detailed analysis of multi-layered lawyer-client conversations, arising in a variety of contexts, which invite the reader to consider and critique the lawyer’s choices. A key theme is “engaged client-centered lawyering,” which emphasizes the importance of client choice and the impact of lawyers on clients, and affirms lawyers’ ability, through attending to the evolving contexts of clients’ lives, issues of technique, ethics, and law, to achieve open-hearted and wise engagement with clients.

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Review Copy: Lawyers and Clients: Critical Issues in Interviewing and Counseling will be sent to all full-time law professors teaching interviewing and counseling. Other professors who would like to review this textbook may request a complimentary copy by emailing their account manager at When placing an order with your bookstore, please refer to ISBN 978-0-31423-531-2.

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