Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Home again!

I'm free! I was discharged yesterday and Teresa and I got home in time to watch the Clinton-Trump debate yesterday evening. 

The cellulitis is slowly dissipating, and on Sunday (two days ago) they transitioned me from intravenous antibiotics to two oral antibiotics. I'll be taking those for a full course, to next Wednesday, meanwhile seeing the oncologist tomorrow and the surgeon both tomorrow and next Wednesday, so that they can monitor my progress.

The best news is that the oncologist has me scheduled to have chemotherapy loaded into the pump tomorrow. Since the whole point of the surgery and of the treatment of the cellulitis was to enable me to continue to get the pump chemotherapy, I'm looking forward to it.

Meanwhile I'm tremendously grateful to the caring staff at the Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital, who not only looked after me for 10 days but also helped me get a birthday cake for Teresa along the way!

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